Hyperacusis Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Therapies

Plural Publishing, 2007


Baguley and Andersson have created a definitive resource on hyperacusis which summarizes present knowledge from both psychological and auditory neuroscience perspectives for a clinical audiology audience.

Hyperacusis is a troublesome symptom which is attracting increasing interest from clinicians and researchers alike. Hyperacusis: Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Therapies summarizes and critically reflects upon present knowledge, including insights from auditory neuroscience, psychology and clinical audiology. The implications for therapy are made explicit, and the treatment options available are discussed. The authors, Dr. David Baguley (Cambridge, UK) and Professor Gerhard Andersson (Linköping, Sweden), are well-known experts in the field, and have published widely on hyperacusis and related topics. Their multi-disciplinary collaboration considers hyperacusis in a reflective and innovative manner.

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Le son qui détruit
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A la rencontre de quatre personnes qui souffrent d'hyperacousie, un dysfonctionnement de l'audition qui rend insupportables certaines sonorités. Quand...

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