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'I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.' - James Nachtwey. James Nachtwey's first foreign assignment was covering civil strife in Northern Ireland in 1981 during the IRA Hunger strikes. Ever since, he has devoted himself to documenting conflict and critical social issues, creating a much admired body of work that covers events in conflict-riven countries and the theatres of war around the globe. This, his latest book, which accompanies a major exhibition, presents some of the most searing of his images, showing the incomparable ways in which he uses his camera to pay homage to the victims of violence.

Les oeuvres de James Nachtwey

MemoriaJames NachtweyPhaidon, 2018

L'EnferJames NachtweyPhaidon, 1999

Les dernières publications sur James Nachtwey

Photo de guerre
La Grande table d'été
LE 24/07/2018

Depuis 40 ans, le photographe américain James Nachtwey dépeint la guerre avec son appareil, retour sur son oeuvre dans la première partie ; puis portrait...

James Nachtwey, au plus près des nouvelles du Monde
1 min
L'Humeur du matin par Guillaume Erner
LE 08/06/2018

On peut considérer le photoreporter James Nachtwey, comme le plus prolifique de ces dernières décennies, un observateur exceptionnel de notre monde contemporain...

image par défaut
30 min

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