Bélier Press, 2016


Editeur :

More than 1,360 Photographs, taken in Sydney,

New York and Los Angeles, circa 1937–61,

including Many Never-Before-Seen Privately Circulated Images

and other Rarities, from the Collection of

the Kinsey Institute and other Private sources

Informative Text, including additional Biographical

Information about the Photographer, Copious Notes,

and Valuable Advice for Serious Collectors

L'oeuvre de John Willie

PossibilitiesJohn WillieBélier Press, 2016

La dernière publication sur John Willie

Crinolines à vapeur ! Les trente ans du Musée d'Orsay
Mauvais genres
LE 03/12/2016

Pour les trente ans du Musée d'Orsay, Mauvais Genres revient sur les "mauvaises" expositions qui s'y déroulèrent (Sade, Doré, etc...), honore les perturbations...

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